Stop I-69

  • These are documents we’ve used to table with, to hand out, to reach people through. Please feel free to copy and distribute them, or make your own! Send us a copy at roadblockef @, and we’ll add your anti-I-69 literature to this site. Please note that the website address on most of this literature is outdated. Until we update the images to reflect our current website, please check what you print out for the website address, and update it if needed before reproducing and distributing (white-out and a pen is fine)

Roadblock Report

  • Issue 1 is hot off the press, y’all!
  • Issue 2 is even more hot off the press, y’all!


Zines and Articles:

We also have reading formats of most of our zines if you want to read them online, but due to space constraints we’ll have to send those in individual emails.

Flyers and Stickers:

(more flyers to be put up soon!)


Presentation Supplies

Legal/Prisoner Support

While our motto is “stay in trouble, don’t get caught”, of course it doesn’t work out that way all the time. Below are some resources on legal help, what to do if you’re stopped by the police, security culture, what the arrest and jail process is like, and the importance of prisoner support for our movement.



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[…] can find both the first and the second issue on the website of Roadblock Earth First! ( or on the media archive section of the I-69 Media Office’s website […]

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