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We will try to keep folks updated on happenings and actions, both here and around the country, both ours and from the countless other Hoosiers who are pissed off by this interstate. If you know of any actions against I-69, please send us information about or links to articles about them at roadblockef @, and we’ll post them up! As well, as construction nears, check back to this page periodically for on the ground pictures of what’s going happening. Got on the ground pictures? Send them to

“One rural resident asked INDOT officials if they had calculated the possible cost of vandalism to the highway that could result from building a road that so many people are so fiercely opposed to.

He noted that the electronic sensors would record passing cards for tolling purposes, because the plan is not to have toll booths. Those sensors, he suggest, will make a wonderful target for a .22 caliber rifle.”

– Bloomington Herald-Times, Friday, June 30, 2006

April 2008

On April 5th, several thousand Texans marched on the Capitol to demand the end of construction and planning of the TransTexas Corridor and I-69.

April 2008

Gohmann Asphalt and Construction is awarded the contract for the designing and building of the first 1.77 miles of Section One.  The contract is for $26 million.

March 2008

On March 11th, Gohmann Asphalt and Construction began clearing of the first 1.77 miles of Section One.

September 2007

In early September, 10 people demonstrated against Hannum, Wagle, and Cline in Lafayette, IN. They demanded that HWC withdraw from its role in planning I-69 in Pike County.

August 2007

“Bloomington activists shut down an Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) “Community Planning Program” on Wednesday, Aug. 21, after vowing to never let I-69 be built in Bloomington.

After a brief verbal confrontation with INDOT officials and their multi-million-dollar Evansville consultants, about 15 banner-carrying activists walked to the front of the Bloomington High School North cafeteria and brought the dog-and-pony show to a halt.

City and state police converged on the scene and marched to the side of the room, where they huddled with the meeting’s organizers. After extended discussion, INDOT’s Stephen Smith announced the meeting over about an hour after it began.”

for pictures and original article by Steve Higgs

Also, Chad from WHFB captured some of the meeting shutdown here:

July 2007

On July 9, 2007, actions were taken against the Indiana Department of Transportation across the state. Two I-69 planning offices (section 1’s in Oakland City and section 2’s
in Petersburg) were themselves the subject of eviction proceedings at 2:30 PM as
“Hayduke’s Moving Company” moved their contents out of the offices and into the
street; The section 4 office on the westside of Bloomington was shut down for the
day after Earth First!ers dropped a banner that read “Stop I-69″ onto its roof and
50 people assembled outside in protest. The downtown Bloomington section 5 office
was the subject of two demonstrations: A small office invasion at 2:30 PM and a
raucus march of 40 people at 4 pm. Additionally, Earth First!ers hung more
banners across Bloomington, one of which read “For our farms, forests and futures-
Resist I-69″.

June 2007

In early June, some billboards in Bloomington, Indiana, were modified to express anti-roads sentiment. Presumably, this was done to coincide with Indiana governor Mitch Daniel’s visit to Bloomington that week.

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The office at Oakland City University has been closed as of December… 28, 2007 I think. The sign cited something about some kind of decision having been made and the public comment period having ended. Just a heads-up.

Comment by Jason Barr

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