Stop I-69

**Those Responsible**

There’s a famous Utah Phillips quote: “The earth is not dying. It is being killed, and those killing it have names and addresses.”

  • Indiana Section
  • ******Section 1 Contract for demolition and removal of buildings on the first 1.77 miles of the proposed route (the area where construction will begin this spring) has been awarded to the following company. This is the first contract to be awarded for the construction of the highway *******

– Gohmann Asphalt & Construction’ of Clarksville, IN.
Gohmann A&C can be contacted by phone at 812-282-1349; their fax number is 812-288-2168
Their website is
Their main office street address is 1600-1630 Broadway, Clarksville, IN

Their 2 closest offices to the beginning of the route are:

716 E State St
PRINCETON, IN 47670 812-385-1207

104 E State Rd 68 HAUBSTADT, IN 47639 812- 768-5251

see Root Force Target Database: Indiana Search for a full listing of their office locations….

see this article for information on Gohman’s shady dealings in the past

  • Michael Baker, Inc. – – is planning Section 5 (from Bloomington to Indianapolis) of I-69. Section 5 is vital and its construction will have a serious impact on both the local environment (it runs through Morgan-Monroe State Forest) and local residents. This company has a global reach, and are in a similar field and category as Halliburton. They have offices across the U.S. and are based in Pittsburgh.
    Michael Baker Corporation
    Airside Business Park 100
    Airside Drive
    Moon Township, PA 15108
  • Help will also be provided on Section 5 by:
    Ozark Underground Laboratories –
    1572 Aley Lane
    Protem, Missouri 65733
    USI Consultants, Inc. –
  • Other Companies involved in I-69:
    Cintra – (Madrid, Spain)
    Macquarie Infrastructure Group – (Madrid, Spain)
    BAA Indianapolis LLC –
    2500 S. High School Road – Suite 100
    Indianapolis, IN 46241-4941
    DLZ – – while this is not a national or multinational company they have a pretty wide presence in the Midwest. They’ve had a lot of pickets, demonstrations, etc. at office locations in several states. They have offices in: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Massachusetts. See their website for office locations. Look through the careers section for addresses or search the internet.
    Wilbur Smith Associates – – is a multinational transportation development firm involved in dozens of projects around the world. They are planners on both sides of the border for Plan Puebla Panama. This company does project coordination. They have wrapped up in Indiana for now as far as we know. They have offices in at least 49 US cities. There’s also one office in London, one office in Ontario, Canada, and several others throughout Asia and the Mid-East.
  • Texas Section
    Cintra and Zachary are the main companies involved in the Trans-Texas Corridor.
    Cintra – (Madrid, Spain)
    Zachry Construction Corporation –
    527 Logwood
    San Antonio, Texas 78221
  • Other companies:
    Ferrovial-Agroman – (Madrid, Spain – parent company of Cintra.)
    Earth Tech, Inc. – – Offices all over the world – find one.
    Bracewell & Patterson, LLP (Houston and Austin, Texas)
    Rodriguez Transportation Group (Texas)
    Aguirre & Fields, LP – (Stafford, Texas)
    OTHON, Inc. – (Texas and Florida offices)
    Pate Engineers – (Texas)
    HRM Consultants, Inc. – (San Marcos, Texas)
    P1 Resources – (Irving, Texas)
    Southwestern Capital Markets Inc. – (San Antonio, Texas)
    Railroad Industries Incorporated – (Nevada)
    Amey, PLC – (UK)
    Mercator Advisors, LLC – (Pennsylvania, New York and Washington D.C)
    Public Resources Advisory Group – (New York)
    PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP – (offices all over)
    JP Morgan Securities, Inc. – (New York)

A good overview of these companies involved in the Texas section


NAFTA Corridors: Dividing the Nation to Multiply Profits” by Richard D. Vogel

“NAFTA Superhighway: Defending our Lands and Monkeywrenching Globalization” by Sprout, Earth First! Journal, Volume 25, Issue 3.

“Earth First! in the Heartland: Roadblock EF! and the Campaign Against I-69” by Roadblock EF!, Earth First! Journal, Volume 27, Issue 4.


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We are taking this country back! Exactly,Earth is not ours to abuse or rape.Native Americans are wise on this,they know Earth is alive.

Comment by Steven S. Locke

[…] The clearing is being completed by Gohmann A&C of Clarksville, IN. More info on this company is available here. […]

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Target Database has been updated to include all the locations of most of the companies listed under Those Responsible.

Comment by RF

[…] to Indiana, you can certainly take action on the July 28 National Day of Mobilization. There are many corporations involved with the planning and construction of I-69 in Southern Indiana, Texas, and other states […]

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[…] to Indiana, you can certainly take action on the July 28 National Day of Mobilization. There are many corporations involved with the planning and construction of I-69 in Southern Indiana, Texas, and other states […]

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I hate roads! And I hate people that make roads!
We need more people to stop them now before they get out of hand!

Comment by Katie Segram

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