Stop I-69

Medic Information

This is a page to help coordinate the efforts of medics coming to southern Indiana to be part of the fight against I-69. We will try to keep a detailed list of what is needed in terms of supplies (which is also available on our more expansive supplies list), as well as keep updates on the happenings of the medic organizing working group. Please feel free to send any questions, information or suggestions to


Call OUT for MEDICS!

Hello Friends-

*For brevity, the term Medic will be used to cover first aid, mental health and wellness, conflict mediation and all other forms of medic skills.

Things are rolling in Southern Indiana and we’re in need of MEDICS! We are looking to create a fluid medic team to sustain our campaign as folks will be coming and going all summer. We’d like to have an overlook of how many medics plan to be here on what dates so we can start working on filling in the gaps. If you are interested in being a part of a wider campaign medic team we are requesting that folks planning on coming to Southern Indiana this summer check in with RBEF at (or when you roll into town) with skill sets and approximate dates.

If you’re looking to gain new medic skills there will be medic workshops throughout the summer.  If you’re interested in facilitating a medic or mental health and wellness or conflict mediation workshop we would greatly appreciate and invite you to come and do so. If you have little to no experience but would still like to plug in with any of the medic stuff we encourage you join in ( fell free to contact us about it) as many people are willing to share their skills even if you can’t make it to a workshop!

For those unable to make it out this summer that would like to help the medic team there are plenty of supplies we could still use and will need to replenish all summer. Please contact our Rideboard to arrange pick ups and drop offs of supplies or send supplies to:

Turtle Turn

PO BOX 2161

Evansville, IN 47728

If you have any other questions or concerns or other resources to offer please contact us at Thanks!







 Kava Kava

 St. John’s Wort


 Tea Tree

Holy Basil

California Poppy

Skull Cap

Passion Flower

Jewel Weed


Essential Oils:




Needs for the Creation of Medic Kits:

Aloe Vera

Sun Screen

Bug Spray (herbal)



Support Structures-splints etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sterile Rags

Spray Bottles


Assorted Bandaids


Safety Pins

Notepads & Pens


Benanite Clay

Witch Hazel

Hand Sanitizer

Tea Tree Oil

Irrigation Syringes


Water Bottles





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