Stop I-69


Here’s a page where we’ll post all of our pictures after they’ve been on the front page of the website for a while. email if you take good pictures of I69 stuff……

Torch March in Bloomington

Fredrick, MD Solidarity Demo

Louisville Banner Drop


On Thursday, June 5th, 2008 morning commuters going west on I-64 in Louisville, Kentucky were greeted with a display fron Anti-I-69 road activists. The display coincides with the ongoing struggle to stop I-69 in southern Indiana. Currently, anti-I-69 activists throughout the country are Commited to fight against the NAFTA superhighway, which will displace hardworking Indiana farmers, aid in the outsourcing of jobs, and destroy thousands of acres of forest and wetlands.

Tree Sit Update

This is a picture of the treesit from the field where the proposed on/off-ramp will go (just east of the woods where the tree sit on the south side of State Road 68).

This is a picture of the treesit up close.

This is a picture of the part of the on/off-ramp where their support lines are tied to logs. This log is one which will need to be cleared in order to build the on/off-ramp and complete the first 2 miles. There are two other trees to which support lines are tied. This particular tree stood about 50-60 feet tall before it was destroyed by plans for I-69, and it runs perpendicular to SR 68 (straight into the on/off-ramp site). If any of these three trees are disturbed, the platforms holding up the treesitters will become severely unstabilized and may cause the platforms to fall, putting these dedicated community members at risk for paralysis or even death from an over-40 foot fall.

Tree Sit

The banners in the photos read “I-69 and NAFTA: Destroying Communities From Here Thru Mexico”, “Defend Farms”, and “Resist Construction”.

Resist Construction


Check out

for more pictures and an account of the parade.

Banners in E’ville

These two banners were spotted on the Lloyd Expressway, a 6- to 8-lane freeway in Evansville, on Wednesday. Though no one is sure how long they had been up, friends tell us they were up all day on Wednesday. The first one reads “I-69 benefits CEOs, not you” and was located on the west side. The second one reads “70% of Hoosiers oppose I-69” and was located on the east side. That statistic in the second banner refers to a study done by the Indiana Department of Transportation and is actually 75% of Hoosiers.


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