Stop I-69


Projects list:

Bloomington Assembly Against I-69 – This is a monthly public meeting held at the Monroe County Public Library. The hopes with this meeting are that different groups and individuals that are working against I-69 will be able to come together on similar projects and communicate about updates. Email if you’re interested in helping organize/facilitate these meetings.

I-69 Listening Project- the listening project is an effort to engage with those most affected by this destructive highway in order to document and disseminate their stories. The listening project is based out of the Eco-Center (323 S Walnut), and should be contacted at

Physical Prep/Supplies Acquisition Working Group- this group is working on gathering the supplies and building the things needed for affinity groups to be able to best resist the highway. Email for more info on what is needed or how to get involved.

Trans,Womyn, and Queer (twaq) Working Group- a group for those folks who identify in the twaq framework and want to organize resistance with others such folks. Email for more information.

Legal Working Group– the legal working group is working to set up the infrastructure needed to support those groups intended to get in the way of construction. This includes things such as establishing contacts with lawyers, doing “know you rights” legal trainings, and running a legal help hotline/office for those that need help through the process. The legal team works out of both Bloomington and Evansville, but can most easily be reached at

Media Working Group– the media working group is being set up to serve as an information clearing house for media worthy information. This includes such things as writing and distributing press releases for groups, fielding questions about the campaign, working to coordinate the creation of independent media about the campaign, etc. Email to get involved with this group.

Medic- this group is organizing for medical support for protesters of I-69. This included both action medic support and health and wellness information. The group is being bottomlined out of Evansville, but there are people in Bloomington working on the project, so email if you’re interested in helping out

I-69 Newsletter– a group in Bloomington has formed to help put together the campaign’s newsletter “Roadblock Report” on a more regular basis. This publication will be given out both to affected people along the route as well as the general public. Anyone with interest in writing, editing, or doing layout for this publication should email or try to attend a meeting (see calender below)

Nature Walks– this group is working to organize (has done 2 already) plant and nature walks along the proposed route of the highway. This is an educational opportunity for people to get more in touch with the types of plants and animals that are threatened with destruction as well as hear stories of resistance from the landowners who host the walks. Email to get more info

Long Walk- a group has formed to plan a long march from Bloomington to the beginning of the route. Along the way, they will engage with landowners, give speeches and hold rallies. Email either or

Eco-Surveying-this group is working to survey areas of the proposed route for endangered species and creating a guide to empower landowners to do so easily as well. Email for more info.

Oasis Garden– this a new community garden that has spouted this spring that will serve as a food supply for I-69 protesters. The garden needs a lot of work and the organizers need a lot of help, so email to lend a hand.

Fundraising- a new group is forming to take on the task of organizing fund raising events as well as emergency fund raising drives. Email

GIS Data Research/Map Making– this new group is forming in order to research, process, and create any sort of visual map data that protesters and those opposed to the highway in general might find useful. Email for more info.


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Hey, I am very interested in helping and have emailed a few times, but have not recieved a response. I would just like to know what i could do to help, email me at thanks.

Comment by Bob

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