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Online Security

Roadblock Earth First! recognizes that there is no truly effective way communicate securely online. That being said, there are smart security protocols one can take to impede the efforts of surveillance.

1. Use Tor. Tor is an IP anonymizer that allows you to visit websites more anonymously by scrambling your IP address with others from around the world, making surveillance of projects more difficult by impeding network analysis (who is visiting what website, where they’re from, and when they visit). Normally when you visit online web forums, do research, or even visit an Indymedia article, that information is surveilled to keep track of our movements and raise red flags for further surveillance.

2. If you want to use email encryption (such as PGP) use it all the time with other secure servers, not just for things you think might be sketchy to send online. Better yet, recognize any email you send online can somehow be monitored, so if you have something sketchy to say, it’s better to say it in person while taking other security precautions. Don’t bother sending us unencrypted email at any of our Yahoo! accounts.

Here are some websites that can help you figure out encryption:

Affinity Group Security

More on this soon! Read a zine about security culture, or look it up online (while using Tor, of course!).


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