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DC Students for a Democratic Society & Potomac Earth First! Funk I-69
July 31, 2008, 7:19 pm
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Resistance to the construction of Interstate 69 continued nationally on Monday as nearly 100 people took over K Street in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate their opposition to NAFTA & I-69. SDSers, Potomac EF!ers, and others danced in the streets, handed out hundreds of fliers and stickers about I-69, and held corporations publicly accountable for their complicity in I-69 and the Plan Puebla Panama. Distracting the police with their funky dance moves, the crowd was able to storm the Cato Institute, a right-wing think tank responsible for forcing neoliberal ideology down the throats of communities across the world, and left their pristine glass doors plastered with anti-I-69 stickers.

The rowdy crowd continued to the offices of HNTB, a planning firm responsible for I-69, but were limited to blocking traffic and chanting by the line of riot police protecting their corporate bosses. The group finally danced its way down to the Washington Post, holding the corporate apologist responsible for uncritically supporting neoliberal policies and free trade agreements throughout the Americas. Once again, the crowd was almost obtained entrance to the offices, distracting those inside and disrupting work, but were forced down the stairs by a line of riot police.

The action forced hundreds of people to stop in their tracks (literally, as traffic was stopped by a dancing reclamation of the streets), open their eyes, and learn about Interstate 69. It also served as a reminder to those responsible for Interstate 69: we know where you are, we will continue to visit you wherever you hide, and all that protects you are thin glass doors and a line of riot police. Capitalism may be globalized, but so is resistance.


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[…] from Potomac Earth First!, Students for a Democratic Society-DC and Roadblock Earth First! danced in the streets and stormed the offices of profiteers and supporters of I-69, the North American Free Trade […]

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I am just a common person that opposes the tyranny of the New World (Satanic) Order and the building of the NAFTA Highway (I-69 from Evansville to Indianapolis).

I want to recommend highly Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” for anyone who reads this website. It will inform you as to the plans and methodology to implement world government. Unification of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. in to one gigantic federal region is a key plank of the plan, and the NAFTA highway is crucial to that plan. I am in total support of the constitutional rights of the activists trying to stop the construction of our destruction!

Comment by Byron

I’m from Indiana and nobody wants this road. The Hoosier National Forest has been carved into parcels with roads and building sites planned throughout. I’ve spent a great deal of time in these forests and the Bloomington area and hope that others will join the fight. Almost 40,000 students are returning this week to town. I’m sure lots of potential activists could be reached i those dorms!

Comment by Mattew

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