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I-69 opponent hit with repression in SLAPP lawsuit after lockdown arrest: Support needed!
July 13, 2008, 7:52 pm
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    As construction on the highly contested NAFTA superhighway looms closer in
Southern Indiana, police presence and harassment against anti I-69
organizers is rapidly on the rise.   Now Gohmann Asphalt and Construction,
Inc. seem to be trying their hand at repressing resistance by suing an
activist for damages in response to a lockdown at an Asphalt yard in
Haubstadt, Indiana.  On June 25th, a truck leaving a Gohmann Asphalt
facility had the air let out of it’s tires, blockading access to the
plant, while 5 people locked down to the truck.    On July 10th, the only
arrestee from this lockdown was summoned to a deposition in order for
Gohmann to obtain the names and addresses of the other parties involved in
the lockdown.  This Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
is clearly Gohmann’s attempt at scaring activists into dropping actions
against their company, despite their bogus claims that they suffered
damages that may exceed $16,000.  This is not the only time Gohmann has
compromised integrity for profit.  In 2007 they settled an $8.2 million
lawsuit for providing fraudulent asphalt density samples in inspections to
increase profits while undermining the safety of the roads.  Gohmann is
getting rich off the destruction of land and communities, and is making
$25 million off the first 1.77 miles of I-69.  For them this petty lawsuit
isn’t about money, it’s about repressing opponents to the highway. Yet as
Gohmann and the state organize to intimidate us we only grow stronger.
    The only arrestee still hasn’t found a lawyer and doesn’t have the funds
to obtain one.  Help with legal funds and advice/referrals from lawyers
experienced in SLAPP suits is needed. People in Indiana are not letting
heightened repression in the interest of capital sway efforts to stop this
highway! This week is groundbreaking on the highway so come to
Indiana and join us in fighting the NAFTA superhighway!


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