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Upcoming Anti-I69 Events in Evansville
July 4, 2008, 2:29 am
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Along with ongoing direct resistance to construction, I-69 opponents in Evansville are putting on a series of public workshops, meetings, and presentations over the next two weeks in order to share skills, build more ties, and protect and strengthen our communities.

Saturday July 5 @ ASC Infoshop 7 – 8 PM Herbal Medicinals Workshop

John will present easy herbal remedies, with a focus on emergency medical care.

Sunday July 6 @ Willard Library Conference Room (Upstairs) 3 – 5 PM, Anti-I69 Community Support Meeting

Folks involved with logistical organizing (food, supplies, legal support, etc.) will meet to check in about what needs doing to support the summer campaign against I-69.

Wednesday July 9 @ ASC Infoshop 7 – 9 PM Conflict Mediation

Tiga will present means and methods of de-escalating and mediation social conflict, both between you and others or as a third party to the conflict. The focus will be on identifying boundaries and creating resolutions satisfactory to all involved. Tiga will not tell you how to make other people stop being a problem in your life.

Thursday July 10 @ ASC Infoshop 7 – 9 PM Know Your Rights

Guy will share basic know-your-rights and civil liberities information, as well as resources for responding to police harassment. Police can be intimidating, but if you know your rights, you can protect yourself and others from illegal questioning, search, and seizure. Asserting your rights can additionally protect you in court, as evidence obtained illegally can be thrown out.

Saturday July 12 @ Sunset Park (past the Pavilion Area) 4 – 6 PM Radical Consent: Fuck me! or Fuck no!

Tiga will give a basic workshop on the ideas of radical consent. If you have ever been uncertain as to whether your partner actually wanted you to do something, or if you have ever been afraid to tell a partner you didn’t really want to go any further, come to this workshop. Find out how to have better communication and better sex, feel safer, and help your partner feel respected!

Monday July 14 @ Willard Library Conference Room 6 – 8 PM I-69 Awareness Presentation by the I-69 Listening Project

Come see a presentation on what I-69 is for, its effect on local and Latin American American communities, its relation to NAFTA, and the 20-year history of resistance to it. There will be a powerpoint and possibly a panel of folks directly affected.

Willard Library is located on 1st Ave, just north of the Lloyd Expwy.
ASC Infoshop is located at 600B SE 2nd St, 2nd door on the back staircase.
Sunset Park is located at Riverside Dr. and Shawnee


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